The theater is a special art form that is why not everybody can duly appreciate it. A performance is always a result of the cooperative work of many people: play scripts, sets, props, costumes, make-up, and, without qualms, actors create a complete picture that involves the audience and make people believe in what is happening on the stage. To be honest, I am not a great fan of theater. Yes, I do like it but due to some reasons, I do not go there frequently.

We all know that theater performances may have a powerful influence on people. The play that greatly impressed me was “The Lower Depth” written by Maxim Gorky in Nizhniy Novgorod Drama Theater. It was magic. Even though I knew the plot I could not take my eyes off the stage. I watched it in 2018 during the period of my preparation for my literature exam. I even remember my writing an essay in English concerning this play. It certainly made a lasting impression on me.

In terms of my preferences, I like the plays with profound ideas, that ones which influence can be felt beyond the building of the theater. I relish this feeling when the performance is over and I keep thinking about it. Frankly speaking, I cannot say that I savor musicals because in a way they distract me from the plot of the play.
All in all, the theater is a unique form of art that has a considerable impact on a person’s mind. For this reason, I look forward to having a chance to go to the theater again.




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